About Cypress Catering

Cypress Catering Company is the latest venture from acclaimed Chef Tony DeRienzo. With an impressive twenty years of experience in the industry, Chef DeRienzo creates remarkable culinary experiences defying the laws of expectation, and is an expert when it comes to the careful orchestration of events that are as exceptional as the people who host them. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are paired with extraordinary service and exquisite presentations resulting in moments that are matchless and memorable.

Cypress Catering Company transcends the boundaries of what traditional catering companies can do. Each event is designed to meet specific wants and desires with the end result unfolding seamlessly and allowing the host to partake in the joy of the occasion that they are creating.

Tony DeRienzo Executive Chef

Having worked with culinary leaders like Tony Ambrose at Ambrosia and Lydia Shire at BIBA, DeRienzo also opened a number of restaurants for the Stoneforge Restaurant Group as Executive Chef and launched his own consulting firm, Venture Restaurants. Chef DeRienzo has been the Executive Chef of Abby Park in Milton for the last 3 years.


Jessica McInnis Event Sales Manager

Jessica has been in the hospitality industry since 1998, working at various establishments ranging from upscale restaurants to wedding venues and catering companies. Jessica brings incredible attention to detail and personal warmth to all our events and clients.

Debra Jamrok Catering Sales Manager

Debra has enjoyed an extensive career in the hospitality and service industry for 25+ years, having had a varied background in customer service and restaurant management. Her true passion lies in her direct interaction with her clients to create a unique and memorable dining experience. Debra plays a dual role as the Catering Sales Manager and as an Events Manager for Novara and Abby Park restaurants. She prides herself on her high level of professionalism, timeliness, execution, and accuracy in the delivery and completion of every order. As an event manager, she specializes in creating and delivering a beautiful and personalized experience for each and every one of her guests.